IMG_2309This site offers an overview of the media/journalism aspects of my career. In addition to listings of published work, a central focus of this site is a glimpse of life as an audiobook narrator, which has its charms as an art form. As an audiobook narrator, I often think of the words of U.S. Marshall Matt Dillon in the introduction of the radio version of the western drama, Gunsmoke, as spoken by the iconic radio actor, William Conrad: “It makes a man watchful…and a little lonely.” Watchful in the sense that one must to strive for pristine recordings without technical glitches. In other words paying close attention. And you don’t want to leave out words or mispronounce them. But the lonely aspect comes from the hours spent in an airless recording booth reading to a mic.  (A finished book might be 15 hours long, with a ratio of three hours to produce one finished hour.) The books are the ones you get, not the ones you might read for fun. But I find the whole thing oddly scintillating and rewarding…a passion so to speak. So I’ll try to communicate some of that passion here. Join me and see if I speak truthfully.