My Life and Welcome to It. This site offers an overview of various aspects of my personal and professional lives. A professional career in teaching, media, and communications has sequed to a fulfilling retirement as an audiobook narrator and newsletter purveyor. I have produced and narrated 26 books, comprising a compendium works of fiction and non-fiction, with a focus on western fiction. They are available for sale on Amazon and Audible. To hear samples search for my name on those sites, or go to the “Narration” page of this website. My emailed monthly newsletter, titled “Curmudgeonry Light,” includes about 20 very short snippets that cogently comment on a variety of unrelated topics. It has been well received by charter subscribers. I would like to add you as a subscriber too.  Use the form below to sign up. For more on the thinking behind the newsletter click here.

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Rage Under the Red Sky
The latest of Carl Dane’s Hawke & Carmody Western novel finds the reflective duo fighting bad guys amid nature’s fury.